Assistance Centre for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications

The Assistance Centre for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications, established by Directive 2005/36/EC, operates within the Department for European Affairs. 

This page provides you with the following information:

What does the Assistance Centre do?

It provides citizens and assistance centres of other Member States with useful information on the recognition of professional qualifications, for the purpose of permanent establishment or temporary and/or occasional pursuit of the profession, and on the Italian legislation regulating professions and their related pursuit.

In particular, the Assistance Centre provides information on the following items :
- The Authority to be contacted for recognition of a professional qualification to pursue such profession on a permanent/temporary/occasional basis in another Member State;
- Information on the process for recognition of the qualification or pursuit of the profession on a temporary and/or occasional basis;
- What professions are subject to checking of qualifications prior  to temporary/occasional pursuit;
- How to apply for a European Professional Card (EPC) and for what professions;
- Whether a profession is regulated in Italy or in another Member State;
- What legislation applies to third country nationals.

It informs citizens,  cooperating with the Assistance Centre in the home State, with the competent authorities and with the Single Contact Point, of any further requirements laid down in the Italian legislation for pursuit of the profession following the recognition of the professional qualification or for temporary and/or occasional pursuit of the profession

The Assistance Centre also provides information in English.

Educational qualifications attained abroad have no legal value in Italy. Therefore, if these qualifications are to be used in Italy (e.g. access to public selections, enrolment on training courses, enrolment in employment centres, award of scholarship grants and other benefits), it is necessary to obtain recognition thereof.

For information on the recognition  of educational qualifications attained in another State, please contact the Ministero dell'Istruzione (Ministry of Education) or the Ministero dell'Università e Ricerca (Ministry of University and Research) for academic qualifications.

For information on how to have educational qualifications attained in Italy recognised in another State, please contact the ENIC\NARIC Network.

How to ask the Centre for assistance?

You can ask for assistance only by using the application form for information on recognition of professional qualifications. Applicants must duly complete all the sections of the form and specify whether their application is aimed either at permanent establishment or temporary/occasional pursuit of the profession.

The application form must be sent exclusively via email to the following e-address:

The Assistance Centre replies within 30 working days of receiving the form. Should additional information and/or clarification on the information filled in the form be necessary or should the application be notably complex and require further inquiry, the Assistance Centre may extend the processing period and inform the applicant of the new deadline within 15 days of receiving the form.

The Assistance Centres for recognition of professional qualifications of EU Member States are listed on the European Commission website.

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