"Europarole", the project

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"Europarole" is an initiative promoted by the Department of European Policies to facilitate the understanding of those English language terms or expressions commonly used in political and media language.

Born in July 2018 as a web page of the Department’s institutional website, the project has evolved over time thanks to the collaboration of experts, the organisation of events, social media actions, surveys.

"Europarole" is not only a linguistic operation, it is also an instrument of access and transparency, because to communicate clearly we need to start from the words with which institutions, institutional and political representatives, media and citizens talk about Europe.

The initiative invites us to reflect on the sometimes distracted, improper or unconscious use of foreignerisms used in normative acts or official documents of the European and Italian institutions, which frequently pass into the common language and in the Italian media. Each lemma is proposed on our website a correspondent in Italian, but above all it is explained in a few words use and sources and listed – if there are – the occurrences on our site.

Europaroles are chosen among the terms on the Department’s institutional website and among those used most frequently by the media, but they are also reported by citizens through surveys.

The theme "Europarole" was at the heart of the programme presented by the Department at Open Administration Week 2019 with an action on Twitter, a meeting-debate and an online survey.

At the end of the Open Administration Week, an Informal Working Group on "Europarole" was set up. They are voluntarily part of the "Europarole" linguistic group, translators, journalists, freelancers and experts in terminology and communication in the world of research, professions and institutions. These include the Head of the Italian Language Department of the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission. The members of the Working Group are totally free of charge: within the project they propose initiatives, participate in the activities and promote them, are consulted, if necessary, by the Department on the cases to be dealt with.

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