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Directorate General Single Market, Competitiveness and General Affairs

Director General: Fiorenza Barazzoni


The Directorate General Single Market, Competitiveness and General Affairs deals with all issues related to the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital in the European Union.
In conjunction with EU institutions and information networks, public administrations and other relevant parties, the DG also promotes information and communication on EU opportunities and programmes and ensures the management of the Department’s personnel and budget.

In particular, it is responsible for:

  • ensuring prior information on EU legislative acts and consistency between the national and regional legislation and EU principles and regulations;
  • participating in the adaptation process of the national legislation to EU acts and ensuring their implementation;
  • coordinating national preparatory activities for the EU Competitiveness Council, Single Market session;
  • taking part in the negotiation activities of the EU Council’s working groups and the Commission’s experts groups in the field of Competitiveness and Single Market, thereby representing the positions resulting from coordination at national level;
  • hosting the IMI National Contact Point for administrative cooperation in the Single Market between national administrations and the EU institutions;
  • promoting inter-institutional cooperation and information on EU matters;
  • ensuring dissemination of information on EU policies, legislation and activities;
  • raising citizens’ awareness on EU opportunities and programmes;
  • promoting training of public officers on EU issues;
  • ensuring personnel management and budget-related fulfilments.


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