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When to use SOLVIT

The problems of citizens and businesses that can be solved by SOLVIT include:

  • Social security
  • Healthcare
  • Recognition of professional qualifications
  • Free movement of people, goods and services
  • Visas for family members of EU citizens
  • Electoral rights
  • Border checks
  • Registration of motor vehicles and driving licences
  • Access to education
  • Employment rights
  • Market access for goods and services
  • Public procurement
  • Taxation
  • Free movement of capital.

The above list is not exhaustive. SOLVIT will consider all the cases that meet the aforementioned criteria.

Non-profit organisations acting on behalf of citizens and businesses can also send a complaint to SOLVIT in their interest.

Being SOLVIT an informal approach to problem solving, it cannot be used whereby legal proceedings have been initiated.

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