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News 20 February 2024

European elections, EU citizens residing in Italy

The Ministry of the Interior has published a circular stating that citizens of the European Union residing in Italy who wish to exercise the right to vote for members of the European Parliament belonging to Italy, must apply for registration by 11 March 2024.

european elections

News 25 January 2024

European elections 2024

The next European elections will take place on 8 and 9 June 2024. This was established by a decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers on January 25.

european elections

News 22 December 2023

Infringements, down to 69 procedures against Italy

Italy’s infringements fell to 69 after the European Commission decided on 20 December 16 to close 5 procedures. It is the best result since July 2018 when 64 cases were opened.

infringement procedures

Notizie dal Dipartimento 13 December 2023

Single Digital Gateway, the "Once-Only system" operates to reduce barriers and administrative costs and facilitate free movement

Moving to another Member State for study or work purposes, doing business in the EU can take time, cost and force citizens and businesses into complex bureaucratic procedures. From 12 December 2023, the “Once-Only Technical System” has become fully operational, a project of the European Commission, together with the public authorities of the Member States, within the framework of the Single Digital Gateway, which makes it easy to share all the information necessary for the completion of an administrative procedure.

Sportello Unico Digitale , Single Digital Gateway , Sistema Once-Only

News 1 December 2023

Conference of the Club of Venice at Palazzo Franchetti dedicated to the future of public communication in Europe

The 37th edition of the Club of Venice ended, the two-day work that saw gathered at Palazzo Franchetti on 30 November and 1 December about 100 operators and institutional communicators, scholars and experts from most European countries.

Club of Venice , european elections

News 24 November 2023

Commission endorses Italy's modified recovery and resilience plan

The Commission has given a positive assessment of Italy's modified recovery and resilience plan, which includes a REPowerEU chapter. The plan is now worth €194.4 billion and covers 66 reforms, seven more than in the original plan, and 150 investments.

REPowerEU , NRRP , National Recovery and Resilience Plan

News 3 November 2023

15 Years of IMI

The Internal Market Information (IMI) system celebrates 15 years! Since its launch in 2008, IMI – using a multilingual IT platform – has transformed cross-border communication and cooperation between public administrations, removing barriers and ensuring the application of single market's rules.


News 18 October 2023

Italy's infringements fall to 77, the best result in the last four years

Infringement proceedings against Italy are reduced to 77 after the European Commission decided on 18 October to close 3 infringements. This is the best result since November 2019.

infringement procedures

News 2 October 2023

Infringements, the EU Commission decides to close three procedures

Infringement proceedings against Italy are reduced to 80 after the European Commission decided on 28 September to close 4 infringements.

infringement procedures

News 24 April 2023

The European Commission closed four infringement procedures

Infringement procedures against Italy now stand at 83 after the European Commission decided to close 4 cases on electronic tolling interoperability, environmental noise management and exempted entities, financial holding companies, and mixed financial holding companies, respectively.

infringement procedures

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