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15 Years of IMI

3 November 2023

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The Internal Market Information (IMI) system celebrates 15 years!

Since its launch in 2008, IMI – using a multilingual IT platform – has transformed cross-border communication and cooperation between public administrations, removing barriers and ensuring the application of single market's rules.

But IMI has also reduced the administrative burden for citizens and businesses and paved the way for digital transformation.

History and results but also the perspectives and strategies for the future of IMI will be at the heart of a high-level conference to be held on 30 November 2023 in Brussels and will bring together representatives of the Commission, Member States and stakeholders from across Europe. The event can also be streamed by clicking here.

The central role of IMI in administrative cooperation between EU states is demonstrated by some data: since 2008, the total number of exchanges of information sent through the Internal Market Information System has exceeded 300 thousand units and more than 12 thousand authorities in all Member States (for Italy, 723) registered on the platform.

In Italy, the national coordination of the IMI system is ensured by the Department for European Policies.

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