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Right of establishment

Citizens of the European Union, of the countries of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) and of Switzerland holding a professional qualification in their country of origin, can access and practise their profession, if regulated in another EU Member State after having their qualification recognized in that Member State.

In Italy, they must apply to the competent Italian authority. Italy regulates the professions included in a special list published on the 'Impresa in un giorno' portal.

If the profession is regulated in Italy but not in the State of origin, applicants may obtain access and practice if they have gained one year's professional experience in the last ten years and hold one or more certifications of competence or evidence of formal qualifications from a competent authority in the State of origin.

If the profession is not regulated in Italy, they do not have to submit any application for recognition of the qualification or title. Access to and practice of the business is free, notwithstanding the requirements for practising the profession.

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