Delegates Portal

The Delegates Portal is an IT solution that allows authorized users to search and read documents of the European Council and of the EU Council (collectively referred to as "Council documents") via the Internet or the Extranet wide area network (WAN). 

The Delegates Portal is an IT solution allowing authorised users to search and consult documents issued by the European Council and the Council of the EU (collectively referred to as “Council documents”) via the Internet or the Extranet Wide Area Network (WAN).

The procedures for obtaining access credentials to the Portal are illustrated in the Delegates Portal Guide, under the “Accessing the System” section.

The Member States’ delegates and officers directly or indirectly involved in the Council decision-making process are authorised to access the service, in particular:

  • Member States’ delegates participating in meetings of Council bodies ("community")
  • Other officers of Member States’ officials;
  • Staff of the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS).

The following "Council documents" are accessible on the Portal:

  • Standard documents (ST)
  • Communications (CM) – i.e. invitations to meetings and agendas
  • Documents related to the co-decision process between the European Parliament and the Council (EP)
  • Community-related information (e.g. working documents (WK)).

Documents are provided in the languages for which translation is available at the search time.

The Delegates Portal also allows users to consult the calendar of all Council sessions and European Council meetings.


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