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Promotion and communication

Regulation No. 1724/2018 setting out the Single Digital Gateway requires Member States and the European Commission to promote the Gateway and its use amongst citizens and businesses, and ensure that the services offered (information, online procedures, support and problem-solving services) are visible and easily available to the general public via accessible search engines.

To this end, the Member States and the Commission coordinate their promotion activities using "Your Europe" logo and ensure user-friendly information and services by the Gateway via the websites of relevant national administrations.

Knowledge and visibility of the Single Digital Gateway must be ensured via initiatives, events, and promotional campaigns with the aim of:

  • disseminating "Your Europe" logo amongst citizens (notably consumers and cross-border workers), young people (students abroad), businesses (primarily SMEs and new entrepreneurs) and multipliers/intermediaries (especially Chambers of Commerce and business associations) i cittadini (in particolare consumatori e lavoratori transfrontalieri), i giovani (studenti all'estero), le imprese (in particolare le PMI e nuovi imprenditori) e i moltiplicatori/intermediari ( in particolare Camere di Commercio e associazioni di imprese) 
  • increasing visits, including return visits, to "Your Europe" website in all EU Member States
  • enhancing the availability of national information (including rights and obligations).delle informazioni nazionali (inclusi diritti e obblighi).
Single Digital Gateway
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