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Multimedia exhibition "L'Italia in Europa – L'Europa in Italia"

Conceived and presented in 2011, the Exhibition "L'Italia in Europa - L'Europa in Italia" (Italy in Europe –  L'Europa in Italia), was reorganised and enriched in 2017 with new contents thanks to the collaboration with Ansa agency. The media language has been adapted to further involve younger generations, also through the use of new technologies. Thanks to a dedicated app, the Exhibition becomes interactive and the photos on display marked with the Play icon activate multimedia content by framing them with your device (tablet or smartphone). By browsing the App, visitors can enjoy all the contents (photos and videos) provided.

From 1 June 2021, the Exhibition has also been a virtual tour. Moving through the evocative rooms of Palazzetto Mattei, headquarters of the Italian Geographical Society, among ancient texts, mosaics and globes, visitors can retrace the path of the construction of Europe through photos and videos, interacting with the surrounding environment as if they were physically present at the Exhibition.

The augmented reality project

Launched on 22 March 2017 in Rome as part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the Exhibition traces, through images, videos and original testimonies, the key moments of European integration from the Cold War to the present day and offers the opportunity to learn not only about the Union construction path and Italy's action, but above all about the added value of being European citizens.

The 2017 edition of the Exhibition has been enriched with an augmented reality project. The dedicated App (L'Italia in Europa - L'Europa in Italia on Apple Store, litaliaineuropa on Play Store) enables visitors to relive, as in a time machine, both the key moments of European integration and the world events, as well as the custom and society facts that characterise those decades of history. The interactive visit through the App enables you to discover the Exhibition or browse through the catalogue while enjoying in-depth multimedia contents: by searching for and framing with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) the works marked with the Play icon positioned over the photos, a special content is automatically activated. Find out how it works!

The Exhibition contents are broken down into 10-year periods. Thanks to the collaboration with Ansa and the selection and concession of historical images taken from the Agency's photographic archives, each decade is complemented with two video clips that focus on world events and on the customs and society of the time.

Overall, the Exhibition features over 400 photos and images and 29 multimedia contents.

The virtual tour of the Exhibition

From 1 June 2021, the Exhibition has also provided a virtual version so that it can be visited via any device (PC, laptop or smartphone).

The project came about after the pandemic suspended the presentation of the Exhibition on site. Furthermore, in light of the Conference on the Future of Europe launched on 9 May 2021, the virtual tour is an additional opportunity to imagine future Europe by retracing the integration path and encouraging reflection to better understand our European home and how it can be improved.

Further information

The Exhibition is one of the Department's institutional activities aimed at communicating Europe at national and local level with the aim of raising awareness, primarily amongst younger generations, and stimulating debate and reflection on the future of the European project.

Download the Exhibition Catalogue [.pdf, 11,8 Mbytes – Ed. 2020], look for the works marked with the Play icon in front of the photo and frame it with your smartphone or tablet; a special content will automatically be activated!

Calendar of the "L'Italia in Europa – L'Europa in Italia" Exhibition

Dates and places of the travelling exhibition "L'Italia in Europa – L'Europa in Italia"

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