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Communication campaign on the Conference on the Future of Europe: "Your word counts"

On 9 December 2021, on the occasion of the national event dedicated to the multilingual platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the dedicated communication campaign, "Your word counts", was launched.

Brief description of the initiative
The institutional communication campaign "Your Word Counts", promoted by the Department for European Policies, aims to promote awareness and use of the multilingual digital platform dedicated to the Conference on the Future of Europe set up by the European Commission to enable all European citizens to participate.

The Conference, which kicked off on 9 May with an inaugural event on Europe Day, is a tool for democratic participation in shaping tomorrow’s Europe.

The aim of the communication campaign is to disseminate the content of the initiative and stimulate opinions and ideas on the future of Europe until spring 2022, when the Conference is due to end.

Target audience
The primary target audience of the campaign is the general public and, in particular, young people, schools and universities.

Message content
The commercial shows a series of animated words moving quickly and dynamically over images touching on the various topics covered on the Platform. Thanks also to music and the synchronised movements of the words, the commercial is dynamic and uses a language rich in video-musical stylistic elements instead of didactic descriptions, thus reaching also younger target audience. Eventually, the video is a call to action, namely to go and discover the website, a landing page to make it easier for viewers to reach the Conference's multilingual digital platform.

Tools and media
The campaign, created by the agency The Washing Machine, is broadcasted on Rai networks and social media.

The dedicated website is [IT]

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