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Europa=Noi, the educationals

Here are the teaching tools made available to teachers on the Europa=Noi digital platform

LIVING BOOK "Europa=Noi"

Lively animation movies on the creation of the EU and the opportunities offered to its citizens. Led by a friendly alien, children are guided to discover the unknown "land" and the characters who contributed to building the EU. For primary schools. 


OPEN MIND "Europa=Noi"

An educational tool on EU history, principles and core values with practical guidance on EU-sponsored youth programmes using an appealing youth language to stimulate young teens' curiosity. For secondary schools.


OPEN MIND "A scuola di Europa"

Analytical research, educational/leisure games and didactic drills for in-depth analysis of EU major topics: the history and stages of integration, the rights and duties of EU citizenship, EU institutions, and the Maastricht Treaty. For high schools.



This innovative multimedia tool was launched at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year to foster in-depth understanding of the extraordinary historical period of the Treaties of Rome, which set up the unification process and resulted in the foundation of the European Union. For secondary and high schools.

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