European Delegation law (Legge di delegazione europea)

Law No. 234 of 24 December 2012 establishes the mechanism for the fulfilment of the obligations deriving from Italy’s membership of the EU and regulates methods and procedures concerning the Italian participation to the EU legislation building process. In conjunction with the European Law, the European Delegation Law is one of the legislative tools for the implementation of EU rules in Italy.

Under Article 30 of Law 234/2012, the European Delegation Law provides for the legislative delegations needed for transposing EU directives and other EU acts into the Italian framework.

To such purpose, a European Delegation Bill is introduced every year by the Government by the 28th February, mentioning the reference year. If necessary, a further European Delegation Bill may be introduced by the 31st July (second semester) .

Furthermore, in case of major political, economic and social circumstances, the Government may exceptionally introduce ad hoc bills for the transposition of single EU legislative acts.

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