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Head of Department

Marco Canaparo



The Head of Department leads the department's activities and ensures full administrative support to the Minister's Office. He establishes the operational objectives fulfilling the strategies set out by the political authority in a General Directive and is responsible for the results thereof.

He handles the relations with the Secretary General (SG) and the other departments of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and participates in consultation and coordination meetings called for by the SG.

In case of absence or unavailability, the political authority can appoint deputy functions to one of the Directors General (DGs). In the absence of such an appointment, the oldest among DGs is entrusted with the Head of Department's functions.

Equally, in the absence of one of the DGs, the Head of Department is temporarily in charge of his/her Directorate General.

He is also responsible for the Department's budget, as well as for the management of the  financial resources , including those made available by the European funds. In the matter, she can delegate the power to sign to the Directors General (DGs).

The Head of Department personally supervises the activity of the "Unit for the relations with the Parliament and the European Court of Justice".

He is in charge for the management of personnel and is entrusted with the assessment of the high officials operating under her leadership.

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