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Coordination and monitoring of sectoral EU policies

Chief of Unit: Aurelio La Torre

Tel. +39 06.6779.5070
E-mail: e-mail:

Main Tasks

  • Dealing with issues related to the formations of the EU Council on Agriculture and Fisheries, Energy, Environment, Employment, Social Policy, Health, Consumers, Justice and Internal Affairs, Education, Youth and Culture, Transport and Telecommunications
  • Running activities related to the EU citizenship and to fundamental and human rights, ensuring the follow-up of the action taken by EU organs, organisms and institutions
  • Supporting EU programmes, issues and actions in the field of European citizens’ rights and ensuring their dissemination in collaboration with national and European interested administrations
  • Dealing with immigration issues
  • Ensuring the relations of the DG with the Parliament, autonomous regions and provinces and local bodies
  • Dealing with matters related to the access of citizens and professionals to EU institutions' acts
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