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Quality standards

SOLVIT centres have adopted a number of key quality and effectiveness standards to be complied with when seeking solutions to problems notified by citizens and businesses.

Based on these standards, the following services are available:

  • Contact your local SOLVIT Centre by phone, fax or e-mail during office hours and receive a quick answer to your questions;
  • If your case is deemed suitable for resolution through SOLVIT, the Centre will perform an initial analysis and let you know promptly whether it can be submitted to SOLVIT;
  • When a case is submitted to the SOLVIT online system, you will receive a confirmation from the SOLVIT Centre;
  • If the SOLVIT Centre in the country where the problem occurred agrees to deal with your case, the solution will be proposed within 10 weeks;
  • If a solution is identified, you will be given specific instructions on what you need to do in order to benefit from the proposed solution;
  • If, despite SOLVIT's efforts, your case cannot be solved through the network, the local SOLVIT Centre will try to help you find another way to solve your problem.
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