New NRRP steering committee meeting, coordinated by Minister Fitto

16 December 2022

The second steering committee meeting for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan ('NRRP') was held today at Palazzo Chigi, coordinated by the Minister for European Affairs, Southern Italy, Cohesion Policy and the NRRP, Raffaele Fitto, in order to monitor progress towards achieving the Plan’s objectives, with particular reference to the next deadline of 31 December 2022.

More specifically, following detailed discussions with all the Ministers involved over the last few days, 40 out of the 55 milestones and targets for 31 December 2022 have been fully met, with all the remaining 15 in the process of being finalised. The meeting was attended by the Ministers and representatives from all the Ministries involved, who illustrated the progress made towards each of their assigned milestones and targets.

The aim is to achieve the remaining objectives by the set deadlines. The steering committee meeting provided a precise update on the situation ahead of another appointment with the European Commission scheduled for next week, after the numerous discussions already held over the last few days. Thanking all attendees for their great work, Minister Fitto suggested focusing on overall assessments that embrace a vision of the NRRP’s full time span, through to 2026, as a method for the future.

(Source: Palazzo Chigi)  

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