The Single Digital Gateway is now on

13 December 2020

On 12 December 2020, Your Europe web Portal became the Single Digital Gateway, the point of reference for EU nationals and businesses to access up-to-date and user-friendly online information in the national language of each EU Country, be redirected to services provided by public administrations, and receive help through assistance centres.

The Single Digital Gateway is one of the most important initiatives aimed at improving the European Single Market by encouraging greater mobility for citizens and businesses – it is meaningful that the initiative has been launched in such hard times. For public administrations, the Gateway is also a tool for communicating with users in less bureaucratic, clearer and simplified language. This also provides added value in terms of enhanced efficiency and timeliness.

Yet, today’s is only a first new step. Information from local authorities will also be on line in two years’ time, and as from 12 December 2023 a number of services (car registration, applications for scholarships or pension benefits) will be fully accessible on line, no longer requiring paper documents.

In Italy, the Single Digital Gateway encompasses as many as 19 websites and 6 assistance centres, and the Department for European Policies ensures liaising between relevant national administrations and the European Commission. The Department for European Policies, furthermore, comprises the Assistance Centre for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

Single Digital Gateway
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