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Hearing of Emiliana Alessandrucci, President of Coordinamento Libere Associazioni Professionali

8 June 2021

Hearing of Emiliana Alessandrucci, President of Coordinamento Libere Associazioni Professionali

MBA Master Lecturer; Training Designer, Consultant and SNA Lecturer – at Università Pontificia Apostolorum and Scuola Nazionale dell'Amministrazione and ENA (France); at the University of Malmo (Sweden) she holds international seminars on Change Management; she is a labour market expert for Mediaset and LA7; project manager and trainer for several organisations (Performare, Casa Internazionale delle Donne and Studio Staff RU). Member of FEMANET, European network for the promotion of women managers in the business world; Member of the European Union, launch of a network for the promotion of young people in work and in trade unions; ISFOL expert since 2008.

Hearing summary

The President of the Coordinamento Libere Associazioni Professionali (CoLAP), Emiliana Alessandrucci, warmly welcomed the initiative, confident that the Conference could represent an opportunity to establish constructive dialogue with that part of Italian citizens who normally remain outside the debate on those proposals that affect their lives. The experience gained in this context could represent good practice to be replicated on other occasions.

The Conference can be a place where professionals bring their ideas, experiences and problems, and in this sense President Alessandrucci will encourage her associations to actively participate through the tool offered by the dedicated platform.

From Europe, CoLAP expects that the concept of free competition and competitiveness, so crucial for the future, can be promoted not only through directives and standards but also through consistent implementation by the Member States and, especially, by Italy.

As far as the professional system is concerned, CoLAP hopes for a revision of the Italian professional order system and that Europe can become a container of information on what happens in other European countries.

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