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Hearing of Pier Virgilio Dastoli, President of Movimento Europeo Italia

8 June 2021

Hearing of Pier Virgilio Dastoli, President of Movimento Europeo Italia 

Pier Virgilio Dastoli is a member of: the Steering Committee of the international centre for European training; the Federal Committee of the European Union of Federalists; the Central Committee of the European Federalist Movement; the Association of the Friends of the Historical Archives of the European Union (where he deposited Altiero Spinelli's personal archives, his own archives and those of the European Movement); the Villa Vigoni Centre for Italo-German Studies; the Venice Club of European Communicators; Eurovisioni; the Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue; the Peace Network; the Board of Legautonomie-Associazione Autonomie Locali and the Consumers' Forum; the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development; the Board of the International European Movement; the European Partners for Environment think tank; the Association of Friends of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation; the University Association of European Studies; the Italian Association of European Jurists; the Italian Association of European Union Law Scholars; the Europeos group established by Assonime; the Group of 20 set up by the Tor Vergata Economics Foundation; the Istituto Affari Internazionali: ASTRID-Fondazione per l'analisi, gli studi e le ricerche sulla riforma delle istituzioni democratiche e sulla innovazione nelle amministrazioni pubbliche; the association "Il Mulino"; and the board of "Itinerari Charlemagne".

Hearing Summary

Pier Virgilio Dastoli, President of the Movimento Europeo Italia, called the Conference on the Future of Europe a deliberative public space, an innovative opportunity that goes beyond the mere consultation of European citizens. This exercise should allow reopening Europe "building site" by guaranteeing access not only to insiders, but also to all citizens, including those from candidate and accession countries.

The President underlined the importance of overcoming the unanimity rule, which often hampers decision making and causes cross-vetoes, and of using differentiated integration where necessary. The President also highlighted the need for a constituent phase to be launched by the European Parliament in cooperation with the national parliaments, in order to translate the Conference's deliberations and the institutions' guidelines into a project to reform the European system.

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