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NRRP, press statement by Minister Fitto

24 May 2023

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The recommendations on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan ('NRRP') as part of the European Semester Spring Package presented today by the European Commission essentially address three issues:

  • the implementation of the plan with the submission of the proposed amendment and integration with the RepowerEU chapter;
  • the need to strengthen governance and administrative capacity, especially at local level;
  • an indication that complementarity and synergy between cohesion policies and those of the NRPR is ensured.

For the benefit of the Italian political debate and the various reactions, it is important to highlight that these positions are in line with the vision and priorities of the Meloni Government, and the work that has been going on since the first day of its inauguration.

Indeed, it should be pointed out that the amendment of the Plan with regard to the additional RePowerEU chapter, as is apparent from a careful and not superficial reading of the report, confirms the progress of the positive interlocution with the Commission pending its formalisation. It is therefore very useful to point out that only four Member States have submitted the RePowerEU proposal to date.

It is equally important to point out that the recommendation concerning the complementarity and synergy between the PNRR funds and those of Cohesion is exactly what the Meloni Government has identified as a strategy since the beginning of its journey, both in the innovative and unique organisation of the delegations, and in the need to coordinate the different programmes to ensure a single vision. We are pleased that it is also part of the Commission’s recommendations.

Finally, the strengthening of the overall governance, including mission units, and in agreement with Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, also of the local authorities implementing the interventions, as provided for in Decree-Law 13, allows a clear strengthening of administrative capacity in order to accelerate the implementation of the plan and its implementation on time.

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