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Minister Fitto: "Completed the review phase of the NRRP"

26 February 2024

Exclusion of liability
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"The decree law adopted in the Council of Ministers completes the review phase of the NRRP, launched last July and approved in December", the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies and the NRRP, Raffaele Fitto, wrote on Facebook.

It is, he points out, "a great job that allowed to move and, therefore, to finance all the interventions that had been removed from the NRRP. A promise that we made as a government and that we have kept, thus denying all those controversial voices that complained about the cancellation of projects, which I want to reiterate: they were drafted before the NRRP that could not have been reported by June 2026. And now they will find their realisation".

"In addition, the liability clause for all implementing parties has been included, as well as a strengthening of the fight against fraud with the direct involvement of the National Committee for Combating Fraud against the European Union (COLAF – Comitato nazionale per la lotta contro le frodi nei confronti dell'Unione Europea). Finally – concludes Fitto – the decree allows the release of 6.3 billion of tax credits for the green and digital transition of companies. Three Commissioners are also appointed for particularly important areas: confiscated assets, university housing and illegal settlements in agriculture.

NRRP , National Recovery and Resilience Plan
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