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NRRP review concluded the eight sessions of the 'governing body'

29 November 2023

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The eight working sessions of the NRRP 'governing body', convened and chaired by the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policy and the NRRP, Raffaele Fitto, have ended, with the revision of the Italian Plan on the agenda, with the integration of the new REPowerEU Chapter, approved in recent days by the European Commission. The meetings, divided into 8 individual sectoral working tables, saw the alternation of representatives of local authorities and all trade organisations.

At the centre is the illustration of the guidelines of the new NRRP, and the important work done to boost economic growth and modernisation of the country, through seven new reforms, including five related to the REPowerEU mission.

During the institutional tables, Minister Fitto retraced the stages of the revision, and of the strategy followed to coordinate the NRRP with the complementary fund, cohesion policy resources and the development and cohesion fund.

“With the revision, the government has freed up important resources that will be strategic for the country’s structural growth, through measures aimed at developing the production system and ensuring a high quality of spending,” said Minister Fitto.

“The results obtained so far confirm the validity of the path taken and the working method adopted. And for this I express great satisfaction, and thank you for everyone’s collaboration," Fitto added.

In the coming days, the discussions with the implementing bodies will continue at technical level, to define the modalities and deadlines to ensure the implementation of all the actions undertaken.

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