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Recognition of professional qualifications of Ukrainian citizens

Exclusion of liability
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Following the publication of Recommendation 2022/554, the European Commission, in collaboration with the Ukrainian authorities, has made available to the Member States the following tools aimed at supporting Ukrainian citizens who need to obtain (as soon as possible) recognition of their educational and/or professional qualifications.

  • Unified State Electronic Database on Education (EDEBO)
    By filling in the format on the site, after a few minutes the user receives a PDF document containing a series of useful information about his or her degree of study (for example, institution that issued it, content and duration of the training).— Click here for EDEBO
    — On the CIMEA website, document in.pdf in English on the use of EDEBO

    The following table prepared by the Commission shows the information that can be extrapolated from the database:

Type of information 

Level of education 

Information available since 

Source of information in EDEBO 

Confirmation on the person’s study process 

Higher education 


Education institutions 

Professional pre-higher education 


Vocational (technical-vocational) education 


Information on the person’s educational documents 

Higher education, professional pre-higher education, vocational (technical-vocational) education 

June 2015 

Register on educational documents 

Information on the person’s educational documents used for enrollment into further education: higher education - since 2012, professional pre-higher education - since 2020, vocational (technical-vocational) education - since 2013) 

Higher education, vocational (technical-vocational) education, comprehensive secondary education 


Register on educational documents 


  • If the Ukrainian refugee is not in possession of any educational and/or professional qualification, he or she may apply for the issuance of the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR). The procedure is carried out by the Council of Europe and its European partners, including CIMEA. The issue of the EQPR takes approximately 8 weeks from the submission of the complete file by the refugee.
    For information and activation of the request click here

  • In some cases, Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications makes it possible to instantly request a criminal record certificate as evidence of good conduct. Ukrainian citizens can receive this certificate through the state portal DIA. Guidelines on how to receive the certificate online are available (in Ukrainian) by clicking here.
    The applicant must log in using the digital signature; fill in the online form; choose how to receive the document. The certificate will be ready within 30 days of the request.
  • The European Training Foundation (ETF) has created a database with information on people fleeing Ukraine who wish to work or study in the EU. Click here to see the online section of ETF. The database is divided into two sections: one is dedicated to Ukrainian citizens, the other to EU Member States. Administrations, schools, universities, employers can find in the database useful information to understand both the education and training system of Ukraine and the system of qualifications.

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