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Hearing of Giacomo D'Arrigo, President of the Erasmus Association Promoting Committee

14 June 2021

Hearing of Giacomo D'Arrigo, President of the Erasmus Association Promoting Committee


From December 2013 to September 2018 he was Director-General of the National Agency for Young People, a government structure that manages the Erasmus+ programme and other initiatives aimed at the new generations in Italy. In 2007 he founded Anci Giovane, a council of administrators under 35 in Italy, which he led until 2013. From 2008 to 2013 he was a member of Anci Presidency Bureau.

Hearing summary

The president of the non-profit association Erasmo - Moving Europe Forward (which involves professionals, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, simple enthusiasts with experience in European activities and initiatives related to culture, economy, third sector, research inspired by the values and policies of the European Union) submitted to the Department for European Policies his own project "21/22 BIENNIO EUROPEO" and illustrated  a document on themes and proposals in several areas addressed by the Conference.

The initiative, sponsored by the Representation of the European Commission in Italy and by the National Agency for Young People, will take place in a period of time – the same as the Conference on the Future of Europe – in which changes in the Union can be appreciated from the economic, institutional and cultural point of view. With the aim of offering a homogeneous analysis and a valuable reading from a generational perspective, the project will be implemented with the media partnership of Linkiesta, Spinelli Group, Italiacamp, Cultura Italiae, Re-Generation (Y)outh Think Tank, Comunità di Connessioni, Garage Erasmus, Fondazione Antonio Megalizzi, with the technical support of Centro Studi Internazionali (CSI) and with the support of A2A.

"The Conference cannot waste the opportunity to be the place for participation and debate. It must show the way", said President Giacomo D'Arrigo upon conclusion of the meeting, recalling that the last time Europe found itself in a context of such collective involvement was when the single currency was introduced. Moreover, he stressed “The coronavirus pandemic and Brexit have endangered perhaps the most important dimension of the European Union: mobility policies. These have made possible Europe's growth, not only at economic level.

The Erasmo Association, and its network of analysts, researchers and scholars is a reality that aims to give its contribution to the European dimension, enhancing its public policies and human capital, also in a critical way, but within the context of the community dimension.”

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