European Law 2019-2020

17 January 2022

Italy’s No. 238 of 23 December 2021 (Provisions for the fulfilment of obligations arising from Italy's membership of the European Union – European Law 2019-2020) was definitively approved by the Chamber of Deputies on 21 December 2021 and published in Italy’s Official Gazette No. 12 of 17 January 2022.

The text consists of 48 articles, which amend or supplement existing provisions of national law in order to adapt their contents to European law.

It contains provisions of a heterogeneous nature, which intervene in the following areas: free movement of persons, goods and services; area of freedom, security and justice; taxation, customs and approximation of laws; economic and monetary affairs; health; consumer protection; energy, as well as other provisions.

In summary, the purpose of this bill is to:

1. Facilitate the closure of 17 infringement procedures, 4 pre-infringement cases and 1 pilot case

2. Implement 12 European regulations

3. Ensure correct implementation of directives already transposed into national law and transpose 2 directives

4. Ensure correct implementation of the preliminary ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU in joined cases C-297/17, C-318/17 and C-319/17, concerning the inadmissibility of applications for international protection;

5. Transpose the corrigendum to Directive 2012/112/EU on the labelling of fruit juices and certain similar products intended for human consumption.

European law
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