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Some data on our valuable European heritage

Almost half (453) of the sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List are in Europe

In the representative UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, 89 elements (i.e. a quarter of the total amount) belong to the EU.

31 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe cross more than 50 European and non-EU countries.

According to “The Art Newspaper” journal, in 2016 six out of the ten most visited museums in the world are in Europe and welcomed more than 35 million visitors that year.

Over 54 million works of art belonging to more than 3,700 European Cultural Institutions are accessible on Europeana, the European digital platform dedicated to Cultural Heritage.

The Natura 2000 network of 27,000 protected areas covers 18% of the EU land  surface and almost 6% of its sea surface.

(Sources: UNESCO 2016, Council of Europe 2017, European Commission 2017, The Art Newspaper 2016)

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